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Door-to-door International Moves of Pets

Our services are


- Vet services (vaccination, microchip implant, blood test done at approved lab, deworming treatment, …)

- Boarding & Daycare

- Grooming

- Provision of IATA approved travel kennels

- Export / import documentation (Veterinary certificate, Health certificate, Transit permit, Export / Import permit, …)

- Export / Import customs clearance

- Export / Import veterinary clearance

- Local pick-up & delivery

- Flight reservation

- Domestic & International Air Transportation

- Insurance

- Free pre-move survey at the customers' residences in Vietnam

Guides for approved travel kennels for pets

Taylor-made wooden crate

Airline approved travelling kennel

A = Length from the tip of the nose to the root of the tail

B = Height of legs from the ground to the elbow joint

C = Width of the past at the widest point

D = Height from the ground to the tip of the ears or to the top of the head, whichever is higher (ears must not touch the top of the kennels in animal’s natural standing position)

Calculators for dimensions of the travelling kennels:

Length = A + 1/2 B

Width = C x 2

Height = D


*Important* :

* The kennel must have enough space for your pet to stand up, lie down and turn around.

* The kennel must be constructed of fiberglass, metal, rigid plastics, weld metal mesh, solid wood or plywood

* The kennel sides must be solid. One kennel side must be openable and must be locked carefully

* The interior of the container must be smooth with no sharp edges or protuberances in which the animals can injure themselves.

* The floor of the kennel must be solid and leak-proof.

* Any wheels must be removed prior to the flight.

* The kennel must have proper ventilation.

* Only one animal per kennel.

* Kennels which do not meet these criteria about dimensions will be refused uplift by the airlines.

* Snub-nosed dogs and cats require a 10% larger kennels